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  3. Full Guide to Sync Windows Phone Contacts
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Google Play. Contacts Optimizer Intelligently perfect your neglected contacts in minutes. Aug 9, Apr 18, Feb 22, Phone Copier 4. Jan 16, Nov 30, Nov 8, Database of supported apps now online! More news Sep Sep 22, — Sep 25, Chicago Marriott O'Hare.

Full Guide to Sync Windows Phone Contacts

Let's meet in September. Sep 30, — Oct 2, We are coming to Texas - End of September Past events Exhibitions Visit us around the world. You can use your phone's browser and install the app directly from the Windows Phone Store here:. Download WhatsApp Here. Click HERE to see the image. I have downloaded WhatsApp from the marketplace in my Nokia Lumia, but it fails to install and keeps replying "attention required. When I press, it replies "there has been a problem completing your request. Try again later. Kindly assist on how to go about Was this helpful?

Yes No I need help This means that the application is available but not for your device and its capabilities so this is the reason it is having an error on your device because the device does not support the application. Yes No I need help First of all, what kind of Windows phone do you have? If your phone meets this requirement, you can download and install WhatsApp from the Windows Phone Store here: Was this helpful? Your Nokia Asha is a Java-based phone.

So, you have to try the version of WhatsApp for Nokia s40 phones. Try to download it here:. Do not try to download that version for Nokia Symbian and Nokia Windows Phones because this will not work with your device. My Windows phone was bought in united states then shifted to Tanzania where you couldn't find that region format in the settings, so in that case, when I search WhatsApp messenger instead of bringing me the apps list choice it results in only music file please help Was this helpful?

Yes No I need help Android. Where is a Windows marketplace on my phone? You would get your WhatsApp from Google Play or download from the [app4smart. You will have to go into your settings and then security to allow install from unknown sources if you are using the PC method. Yes No I need help 'Terms and conditions option' not available?

I have successfully installed WhatsApp, but on getting to the activation stage, I opened the application, but the 'terms and conditions option is not available. I am not sure exactly what you are referring to. If you aren't able to agree to the terms and conditions make sure it is scrolled all the way through them, then it should let you accept.

If the terms and conditions agreement just isn't appearing then try to remove and reinstall the app. Yes No I need help.

How to transfer SMS/Messages and Contacts from Windows phone to android phone

This is an error that Windows is working on fixing at this time which is why the application is no longer available for use or download at this time. Microsoft has taken the application down due to many bugs that are happening to users. For the app to come back, Microsoft has to fix the bugs and errors on the application to help users like you enjoy the application error free. Your situation is linked to the many bugs with the application. Microsoft has not yet released how long it will take for them to fix this error but they are working on getting the application working again.

As of right now, there has not been any information given out on how long it will take for them to fix the bugs but they have stated that this is only temporary. The app will no return to Windows devices until the bugs are fixed with the application. Yes No I need help See more questions like this: I am not getting verification code. Yes No I need help Here are a few solutions for you:. I tried it once. Didn't work; Figured I had to update the OS. Updated the OS. Still, can't download WhatsApp Software. When browsing through my desktop PC, Microsoft tells me that the software I'm looking for doesn't work with my Nokia Lumia I click a link in the text that sends me lower, to a part that shows me what devices WhatsApp runs with This all in the official Microsoft Website.

I see that it runs with Windows 8. I checked the OS version of my Nokia Lumia and.. It's 8. I'm trying to figure what goes on over at Microsoft's end since they still can't recognize that my phone is updated to Windows 8. Yes No I need help You may have a corrupted 8. Make sure that you are logged into your Nokia and Microsoft accounts before you begin the install and that your WiFi is enabled.

Your device is supported, so you are correct there is something stopping you. If you have your Family Account set up, check your birthdate and age because this app is restricted and that could also be the reason it is not downloading. The Zune player is clearly organized thanks to a menu and back button in the top left corner.

The standard menu — used for finding music in your library or accessing the Zune store — will have the additional Phone entry listed whenever your device is connected. If this is the first time you have connected the devices, then you will see notifications for drivers installing.

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Next, you will be asked by Zune to set up a relationship with the phone by designating a name for the handset. Once this is done, the synchronization will begin. You can also Erase all content and Forget this phone if you want to start over. Managing the space on your Windows Phone is also possible using the Zune client.

Here you should see a meter displaying how much space is reserved typically for apps and in use and how much is available for additional videos, music and photos. When syncing your Windows Phone you will notice that it displays a list of items that have been added to your computer from the device. These usually photos or videos can be viewed in Zune where they can be played as a slideshow or edited in Windows Live Photo Gallery if it is installed on your computer.

Full Guide to Sync Windows Phone Contacts

Via the View Sync Options button you can also configure how images are stored, videos encoded and even determine how much space should be reserved on the phone for you to add your own data. Via Wireless Sync you can also avoid connecting your phone to the computer at all! Manually syncing to your Windows Phone is easy, too.

First, make sure you have your device connected and the Phone screen open in Zune.

Use OneDrive on Windows phone

Next, open Windows Explorer and find the files you wish to sync and then left-click and drag them to the Zune client, dropping the files on the small phone icon in the corner. Windows Phone offers various opportunities to enjoy streamed music on your handset. The Zune service offers the ability to browse the online store and download tracks to your phone; pretty much as you would expect.

However, with Smart DJ enabled, you can also pay a subscription to stream music to your phone based on the tracks you already own. Free music is possible, but not via Zune. Fortunately there are a few apps that you can use for this. Those of you in the UK and Europe can take advantage of Last. Again this is a service that streams content based on songs that you indicate. Finally, you can stream music the old fashioned way to your Windows Phone, thanks to the FM antenna!

One of the most popular uses for mobile phones is to enjoy podcasts. Because Zune comes with the ability to subscribe to these downloads, you can listen to podcasts of various subjects. These are automatically downloaded to your phone whenever you sync, allowing you to always stay up to date with the most recent podcasts. Over the next few moments Zune will download the files to your computer ready to sync to your phone.

If you own a Mac you can still take advantage of media synchronization using the easy-to-use Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac. While there is no access to the Windows Phone Marketplace you can use this to sync media from your iTunes library to your Windows Phone, share images from your phone to your Mac and install updates for your phone. Alongside all of the fun stuff are opportunities to get some real work done, courtesy of the Office hub.

Have you seen the Microsoft Windows TV advertisement where a father goes shopping, using OneNote as his shopping list only to see the items updated with endless sweets and candy by two mischievous kids on the home PC? The application features the ability to make lists, tap out thoughts on the Windows Phone keyboard and even record memos that can be saved and synced with your SkyDrive account.

Capable of opening DOC, DOCX and RTF files, this app also features spell check, formatting tools and the ability to add comments, as well as options to share via email or SkyDrive and save to your phone or your cloud storage. Word processing on Windows Phone is as easy as typing an email, with spellcheck functionality indicated via the traditional wavy red line beneath the queries words. Tapping the word in question will display the keyboard and some suggestions; you can select from one these to amend or simply overtype the problematic term.

An Excel document on Windows Phone features an auto-sum tool, cell formatting and sorting as well as the ability to leave comments and share using email, SkyDrive, Office or SharePoint. Things are a little different with PowerPoint; while presentations can be opened from email or any of the other storage option they cannot be created from scratch.

This is mainly due to the storage space required to provide templates for PowerPoint projects. This useful feature enables you to alter the text, hide unnecessary slides and generally tweak the file as you see fit, with all of the same sharing and storage options as Word and Excel.

Note that Google Mail and Windows Live users also have the benefit of contact and calendar sync. You can add Cc and Bcc fields via the ellipses menu. You might also send an email directly from the People hub by opening a contact and selecting Send email. Accessing to the calendar is delivered via the Start screen by default; here it is one of just two tiles that span both columns of the display, such is its importance. Appoint- ments can be created or edited via the calendar.

As long as your phone is connected to the web this will sync with your Exchange account. The first is to save the document locally or send via email. Alternatively, if you have access to a SharePoint server typically you would be a business user for this option to be available , documents can be instantly uploaded to this service and shared with your collaborators.

Since the release of Windows Phone 7. Despite being one of the first mobile platforms to support the installation and running of third party software, the old Windows Mobile completely missed the boat in creating a centralised location where apps could be downloaded and installed. Requiring a Windows Live account for access with an attached credit card for purchases the Marketplace is an ever-growing selection of games and apps you can browse on your phone, a PC or a web browser.

The first place you should start looking for apps on your Windows Phone is in the Marketplace hub, where you will initially find a summary of the top apps, games and music, as well as a menu to help you to select which category you want to browse some handset manufacturers provide device-specific apps; these are also available via this menu. If you would rather view apps and their details, reviews and prices via your PC, the best option is to open Zune and select the Marketplace. From here, select the Apps option to view the latest games and apps that are available for your phone.

The top paid and top free apps are listed, and a search tool is provided for you to search beyond the most popular choices. Finally, you can open your web browser and visit the Marketplace via phone. The rating is based on user reviews; you should give this serious consideration, as well as look out for any mention of device-specific issues that might affect you. Remember that you can also leave reviews of apps, either via your preferred interface with the Marketplace or by uninstalling the app and selecting Rate and review.

Should everything appear alright, disable your network connection and re-enable it; following this head back to the Marketplace and find the downloading app, which you should tap and hold, selecting Retry to restart the download. If this fails, cancel completely and try again.

Should you have an app that will no longer launch, find the item in the Apps list or the Games hub and tap and hold, selecting Uninstall to remove it from your phone. You can then reinstall from the Marketplace. Note that when installing games it is recommended that you do so over a Wi-Fi connection, due to the size of most downloads and the bandwidth involved. From time to time you will notice that the Marketplace hub displays a number. This is the total of apps that you have installed that require updates, a process that can be carried out automatically.

From here, you can either tap each to update individually or tap Update all to let your phone manage the update process. Mobile gaming has really taken off in the past few years, so it makes sense that Microsoft provides a means for enjoying games on their new mobile phone platform.

There are two ways in which you can play games on Windows Phone:. On the other hand, games on the Xbox Live network will usually cost a bit more but come with unlockable features, achievements and the ability to add to your Gamerscore. All games can be purchased and installed via the Windows Phone Marketplace and launched via the Games hub. There are also several platform-specific titles, such as the remarkable ilomilo, and new Xbox Live games are released on a monthly basis. The Xbox Live network allows you to use the same login as your Xbox console, meaning your Gamerscore and Avatar can be checked, updated and managed on both devices.

If the two accounts are one, however, you will have no problem. Via the Games hub you will find that you can check your achievements, monitor your Gamerscore and, with the help of the free Xbox Live Extras app, you can tweak your Xbox Live avatar. Great games that can be found on other platforms are available, some of which feature turn-based and real-time online multiplayer gaming. A selection of ringtones is provided out of the box for Windows Phone, and these can be selected on a universal or per-contact basis.

This is done by first preparing a suitable WMA or MP3 file no longer than 40 seconds and no larger than 1MB, which can be synced to your device. Next, with your phone connected to your computer, open Windows Explorer and drag the MP3 file to the phone icon in the bottom-left corner of the Zune sync software. By default your Windows Phone will typically have a white background, perhaps with blue tiles or whatever colour arrangement has been programmed by your mobile phone network or vendor.

There are sadly only two background colours available for Windows Phone — white and black — although a number of different accent colours the colour used for tiles and links are available. Some of these depend on your phone model or where you bought the device. Although there is no way to change the wallpaper on your Windows Phone, it is possible for you to alter the lock screen on your phone, as well as the background displayed in the Pictures hub.

Note that a number of images are provided, but you can also select from those saved from the web, synced to your phone or snapped using your camera. You can also launch the camera from the Choose picture screen to capture a scene there and then. Altering the image displayed on the Pictures hub Start screen tile and hub background is a case of tapping the tile to open the hub and then dragging the ellipses […] to either Choose background or Shuffle background.

One of the great advantages of the tile-based Metro UI is its flexibility for providing you with a customized Start screen. While Windows Phone 7. To adjust the position of a tile all you need to do is tap and hold; the rest of the screen will fall into the background and you can then drag the tile to your favoured position. Removing a tile is a matter of following the same procedure, but instead of moving the tile around tap the remove pin symbol in the top-right corner.

Conversely, you can add a tile from the Apps list by tapping, holding and selecting Pin to Start. Contacts and web pages can be pinned to the Start screen as well. To add a contact open the People hub, find the contact in question and tap and hold, selecting Pin to Start from the menu. Pinning a web page will allow you to quickly open it, rather than first opening Internet Explorer, and can be done by browsing to the page, opening the ellipses menu and selecting Pin to Start. With emails, Internet, games, apps and music — even phone calls!

There are various ways you can deal with these. This has two options: the first is to enable the feature whenever the battery is low; the second is to enable it on an ad hoc basis. An estimated battery life remaining is displayed at the foot of the page and alters automatically based on your choice. Note that, if you use a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, most battery issues that you have encountered can be dealt with by installing the latest update see below. The ultimate tweaks for Windows Phone come are only possible if you unlock your device.

Two methods are currently available on all devices. Endorsed by Microsoft, this method is intended for homebrew amateur developers and their fans, and is limited to installing 10 apps. Another method is available; however, it is a lot more expensive and requires you to register your Windows Phone as a developer device. Microsoft releases updates for Windows Phone from time to time. Since the release of this OS there have been several updates, both large and small, and these are installed on your phone using your computer.

When the time comes all you will need to do is hook up your phone to you computer using the USB cable, ensure that the Zune software is running on your PC or the Windows Phone 7 Connector on your Mac and follow the steps displayed on screen. During the process you will be unable to make or receive calls or use your device in any way; do not disconnect it from the USB port until the process is complete. If you use a laptop computer, ensure that a mains connection is in use rather than relying on the battery. The entire process can take up to an hour depending on the size of the update so it is often best to leave the task until late evening.

The first thing you should do is speak to the retailer who supplied the phone and find out who they recommend for providing insurance in the event of loss or theft. Then, on your desktop computer, open www. Sign in with your Windows Live account and select the My Phone item on the menu. This will take you to the My Windows Phone page, which will display a summary of information: your device model, phone number, recently uploaded SkyDrive data, and a link to Find My Phone.

These tools can all be used to great effect in tracking down and hopefully retrieving your Windows Phone in one piece; failing this, you can at least ensure that the thief is left with nothing more than a brick.