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Last September, I asked this question on Twitter :. Serious question for previous Windows Phone users.

Android vs iOS vs Windows 10 Mobile: Design and Interface

What made you buy one, and if you stopped using it, what do you miss most? Hundreds of you replied to this tweet and to CNET's similar outreach. Windows phone's Metro software was a " breath of fresh air ," you said. You loved the " amazingly simple and elegant feature " of pinning apps and contacts where you wanted them.

You loved that it was more focused and "ergonomic ," and that the OS had features such as iris-scanning , deep links and a profile for kids that were ahead of its time.

Camera head to head: Lumia 950 XL vs Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Windows Phone was your sweet spot. There's a sliver of good news for erstwhile fans of Microsoft's mobile software and phones. Although you won't see any new Windows-based phones, you can recapture some of what you loved in other handsets.

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After getting used to the tiles on your Windows Phone, both Android and iOS can seem like a boring stream of app icons. We found two Android apps that emulate the Windows Phone look. Both offer a fairly faithful rendition of Metro UI screen tiles and the vertical, alphabetical app drawer.

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  • A BlackBerry phone. The resurrected brand runs Android now, but the phone has a hub that groups your social networks into one.

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    For a few years, the Nokia name used to be linked to Windows Phone, but now HMD Global makes Nokia-branded phones that run on Android, keeping close to the same design language we saw from the original Nokia Lumia phones. A good example is wireless charging. Windows Phone 8 might appeal to business people, those who put family first and everyone who wants to keep it simple. As with all these things, OS is a very personal choice. However, there are clear differences between them.

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    Android is for people who like to play with their phone settings to get it exactly the way they want. Windows Phone 8 falls somewhere in between. Some parting thoughts designed to make you feel a bit more reassured about this : This is probably not a decision to worry about.

    Android vs iOS vs Windows 10 Mobile: Which mobile operating system is best? | Trusted Reviews

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