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List of Best Free Piano Apps for Android

  2. Son Lam – My Piano Phone app for Phone and Tablet
  3. 10 Best Free Piano Apps for Android [2018]
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Flowkey cuts out the most gruelling parts of learning piano and makes it an easy and smooth experience for you. What you get when you download Flowkey is a combination of both sheet music and video. Download Flowkey by clicking here. In the musical word, the skill to identify and copy music just by hearing it is called aural skill.


Son Lam – My Piano Phone app for Phone and Tablet

And if you want to learn aural skills or improve on the aural skills that you have, Perfect Ear is the perfect companion. Perfect Ear lays everything out like a textbook. You can choose a topic that you want to start with. It can range from intervals to chords to rhythm. Afterwards, you can choose to read on the topic or do some practice exercise to get you warmed up.

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The basic courses of Perfect Ear are completely free to you. Download Perfect Ear by clicking here. This app has a very large collection of chords that you can learn. It shows you the fingerings, the keys to press and the name of the chord. It lists all chords: Major, minor, 7, diminished, augmented, sustained, inversions and the list goes on and on and on. One of the best features of this app is it can help you create chord progressions.

Best Piano Learning Apps for Android (Free Teacher in Fingertips)

The only caveat here arises with the chord progression builder. Download Piano Companion by clicking here. For the budding musician, looking for sheet music is really difficult and costly. More emphasis on costly because most sites nowadays charge you a fee for just music scores per score.

But with MuseScore, you actually have access to a catalog of free access music sheets. And all of this content is available to you for free. The downside? However, there are some members that are very consistent in the music that they upload and you can subscribe to these musicians.

10 Best Free Piano Apps for Android [2018]

But nevertheless, a free app that gives you access to free scores is what makes MuseScore one of the best apps to learn piano on Android. Download MuseScore by clicking here. But if you already know your way around chords, this is an invaluable resource. Designed by. Android 4 Schools Apps and Devices for Schools.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The app features 40 chords with all inversions, 30 intervals, and scales. The layout is easy to navigate as well offering up access to all areas through a series of swipes and taps. Piano Melody Free is a hybrid of sorts as it does teach you the piano but also makes things fun through a star-based learning system.

The better you do during a lesson, the more stars you earn which allow you to unlock additional songs.

7 Best Piano Apps for Android & iOS

As the name implies, Piano Melody Free is free to download, but there is a Pro version available as well. This allows you to take on lessons which will help you learn chords and keys along with music notes. The game mode pits you against others on classic tracks and throws leaderboards into the mix as well. There are more than enough features and tracks to keep you busy for a while if you want to give this one a shot.

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When you first fire up Piano Lessons, you may think the menu and layout look a little spare. That said, it covers a lot of ground with sections for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced Pianists. Each section if full of videos based on your skill level. Most are short clocking in at between minutes, and the lessons are solid. With a few exceptions, all of these apps will perform in a similar fashion and will help sharpen your piano skills.