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Will come with battery. Other accessories NOT included. Unlocked phone from Verizon. Like new condition, phone has very light usage marks on the back barely visible. Weight: 4.

Verizon Samsung SCH-i535 Galaxy S3 - Frequency Bands and Network Compatibility

SIM card is not included in sale; you would need to use your existing SIM card or order one from your carrier. This unit is in very good pre-owned physical condition, as pictured. Works Great! There may be a few minor scuffs and scratches on the side or back of the device.

Devices will show signs of use including scratches, dents, and scuffs. We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3. Sponsored Listings. Got one to sell? Shop by Category. Storage Capacity see all. Color see all. Connectivity see all. Brand see all. Samsung Filter Applied. Model see all. Network see all. Verizon Filter Applied. Operating System see all. Features see all. SIM Card Slot see all. Camera Resolution see all.

Guaranteed Delivery see all. No Preference. Condition see all. And this alludes to another triumph not only for Samsung, but for the customer as well -- given that millions of these devices will be sold and all offer the same design and nearly all of the same components, we're likely to see a massive pile of universal accessories. You're going to see one key difference here that doesn't apply to the other Galaxy S III models we've reviewed thus far: a second set of shiny contacts for Verizon's brand of inductive charging.

The ability to use wireless charging has been around on every model of the GS III we've reviewed so far, but those contacts are located to the left of the battery. In other words, Verizon's model gives you two options for wireless charging, a unique feature offering apart from the rest of the crowd. Put simply, if you've been an avid user of Samsung devices in the past, you'll feel right at home with the layout here -- naturally you'll find a few adjustments to accommodate Ice Cream Sandwich along with the suite of special features the GS III boasts: S Voice, Smart Stay, S-Beam and others.

Your experience with these will remain the same across the board, so don't let this be a deciding factor between which Galaxy S III to choose.

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For the sake of differentiation and leaving at least a little branding on the device, Verizon opted to pre-install a few apps onto the Galaxy S III. Most of these programs can at least be disabled, so you won't need to look at them or be tempted by their wiles. Below, you'll find a table listing off the unique software each carrier brings to their respective version of the phone.

As you can see, Samsung has achieved another minor victory over US carriers: the Galaxy S III's carrier-branded bloatware is kept to a minimum, and almost all of it can be hidden or disabled. Granted, there are still plenty of Samsung apps on the device, but that's going to be the case no matter which model you choose to buy. Another important distinction, specifically for those interested in expanding the capabilities of their GS III or simply escape TouchWiz by flashing it with a non-stock ROM: in line with its wider policy, Verizon has seen fit to close the bootloader on its variant, which is going make this extremely difficult -- even though some level of customization has already proved possible.

It's speedy, and offers virtually no lag.

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How did this particular device hold up in the oh-so-mighty benchmark scores of its US siblings, and how does it do against the competition? We have two tables below for you to feast upon. Given the horsepower behind the GS III, we can't say we're shocked that it beat the pants off its Verizon competitors in all but two benchmarks: the ones focused on graphics processing and battery life.

Regarding the latter, the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx , with its 3,mAh power pack, is the undisputed champion not only within the network but the entire market. Keep in mind, though, that Samsung's 2,mAh battery is no weakling either, and its performance in the video rundown test seems to suggest most heavy users will easily last a full day with nary a struggle.

This isn't an area we'd be terribly concerned with, as the Galaxy S III has always been reliable and satisfying when gaming or undertaking any other graphics-heavy tasks. Comparing the I to the trio of other US variants isn't going to make your decision any easier, since the benchmarks we ran are in parity with each other. It's better in a couple areas and worse in a couple others, but none of the scores are set to any sort of extreme -- in other words, the Verizon GS III doesn't stand out of the crowd for better or worse.

It took an extra 15 ticks or so to hone in on our exact spot, but this is something we typically see in smartphones and didn't come as any significant concern to us. We didn't encounter any dropped calls, and voices came in perfectly clear. The external speakers were incredibly loud, and we were able to listen to conference calls -- and music -- on the speakerphone from every room on the same floor in our house.

You may not be able to hear the finer details of your tunes, but plugging in a standard set of headphones solved that problem for us and very much so, we might add. Eight megapixels of rear-facing goodness are coming your way on the Galaxy S III camera, and it's as great an experience as we'd expect from Samsung. And despite the wide availability of Verizon handsets that offer this particular resolution, Sammy's flagship still comes out on top.

We also appreciate the breadth and scope of the settings found in the Galaxy S III camera UI: Samsung spares no expense in its offerings here, with full access to white balance, ISO, exposure adjustment, shooting modes and scene modes, effects, macro focus and panorama.

You can use the viewfinder to change your point of focus, and hold down the shutter button if you want to lock your exposure prior to taking the shot. This particular camera will, without a doubt, give you the best array of customization options found on any phone on the market today. Ultimately, we don't see any telltale signs that your experience with this specific model will differ from what you'd have on the I or any other US iteration. Micro SIM. Li - Ion, User replaceable.

Talk time - As rated by manufacturer. Stand-by time - As rated by manufacturer. Phone features. Music ringtones MP3.

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Other features:. Regulatory Approval. Jun 01, Simultaneous Transmission:. Wireless Router:. To see the full specifications with in-depth details click here. Pros No Pros.

Samsung Galaxy S III CDMA

Cons Too little RAM. Do you? Show more links. Despite our efforts to provide full and correct Samsung Galaxy S III Verizon specifications, there is always a possibility of admitting a mistake. If you are interested in using our specs commercially, check out our Phone specs database licensing page. Samsung Galaxy J7 V Huawei P9 lite. Show all. Andro Want It. AppleFan91 Had It. Beem3r Have It.